starting in 2004, i began to burn these "every couple of months" mixtape cds for my close friends and i to listen to in our cars. this was back in the age when burning a cd was kind of a magical act and having a cd player was a total status symbol. before classes started you could always find rows of kids with their earbuds plugged into portable cd players that would skip and spin if they walked too fast.

since i was the friend who was most "plugged in" in our group, i would scour the early internet for music to listen to and later add the songs i liked to these mixtapes each and every day.

after handing out a couple of them i found they were very warmly recieved so i kept making them until cds as a medium for music went out of style. aware that this eventuality was on the horizon from the days of VHS and tape decks, i also tagged and organized them into these collections so they would not be lost to the sands of time.

if metal, metalcore & hardcore music from 2000-2012 is your kinda of jam, i invite you to enjoy these curated relics from the past! they are literally my favorite songs from those years. what is "metalcore" ?