like all teenagers, i was in a few garage bands in highschool. i started on the bass, a black 5 string ibanez sdgr + a tech21 sansamp bass driver pedal + a fat finger sustain enhancer and then gradually graduated to playing as a rhythm guitarist on a black 6-string ibanez gio + a boss mt-2 metalzone distortion pedal plugged in to my hartke vx3500 half-stack bass amp. all equiptment thoroughly lost to time.

these garage bands.. we weren't what you'd call "good", we weren't really even technically competent, but we did have hours and days of fun practicing and playing and we also made alot of good friends and memories in our local "hardcore scene." influenced by bands like: norma jean, dead to fall, on broken wings, remembering never, caliban, in flames, evergreen terrace, the acacia strain and others, we made distorted noise with our instruments for a period of 3-4 years as we practiced every week at a local "jam room" and played various small shows whenever they happened. between all of the bands, we've perhaps played 20 or so small local shows at places like vfw halls, bars, big birthday parties and even a few actual venues scattered across the east coast. all in all, a wild runaway success beyond anything i could have imagined, and certainly beyond anything we merited. so, on the page of adolescent fantasies in the book of my life: official dream status = fulfilled. the garage band is dead, long live the garage band!

there were two songs i composed on my own using an old guitar tabbing program called tabit while i was transitioning from bass to guitar between bands. they sound like old NES midi music because i never managed to make a recording of us playing them live. you can find those two songs here:

there was also a song i wrote with a guy i met while i was in greece for a few months in 2009-10. at the time i was really in to these post-hardcore/electronic (at the time dubbed "trancecore") bands: i see stars, we came as romans, here i come falling, sienna skies, dying diva and abandon all ships. they were reminiscent of an older band i really latched on to called still remains and i was like really, reaally into them. he was a guitarist, a little more into metal than core than me and we jammed a bunch of times. we planned on calling our band "godzeus" (prounced like "gadzooks"). the name is play on some misunderstanding of a word we had a good laugh over. apparently some word i was trying to say in greek on day unintentionally translated to "speed fuck." that short ditty is here:

i've also managed to recover some pictures from various practices and shows we've played. not many, but a few is better than none! mind the low quality.. back in the stone age cameras weren't as easy as pull out phone.. point and shoot. all of these pictures were taken on a revolutionary (at the time) 2-megapixel casio exilim ex-s2 portable digital camera, circa 2002. without it none of these snapshots would have been captured or survived to the present day!

and here is one final relic of that bygone teenage fantasy. this one distorted video captured on an old vhs is the singular proof to the fact that we, as a band and as a dream, ever existed at all. without memories: were shells, we're nothings. our first real show as "one must fall" in 2004 on halloween at the local american legion. please mind the terrible quality

my old myspace bands (in order of creation/appearance):

  1. one must fall (2003-2004)
  2. when the dead walk (2004-2006)
  3. murder on myspace (2004-2005)
  4. in which days burn (2005-2006)
  5. cat in the hat (2005-2007)