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i, pet goat 2

released by Louis Lefebvre's animation studio Heliofant on 6/24/12 this short film is densely packed with high level political, religious and occult dualistic symbolism. the title is an allusion to Bush's reading of The Pet Goat [video] on 9/11/01.

some hints can be found on heliofant's website. i found this hidden page on Egyptian Symbolism very interesting.

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Translated from: Decoding I, Pet Goat II

Here is what the author of the video writes:

At first, I would like to say that the film itself appeared to me visually. Like an artist who sees colors and shapes with his mind’s eye. And I tried to accurately reflect what I saw, not always understanding its meaning. Some characters were fairly obvious. To decipher the others, I had to pretty much break my head.

I do not pretend to be an expert in the field of symbolism, I am only gradually moving forward in its study. I do not claim to know the truth. As I understand it, the language of archetypes is filled with a much deeper content than the language of words. Therefore, they can be interpreted only in a simplified way. It is as if I were trying to explain a poem.

We’ll also try to decipher what the authors of the video wanted to say, to whom it is addressed, and most importantly from whom. The video is like food for the mind for waking up and still sleeping about upcoming events.

The name “I, the home goat” is a hint at the children's storybook “My Home Goat,” read by US President George W. Bush in the children's classroom on September 11, 2001 (9/11). He continued to sit in the classroom and read the book for 7 minutes (the film is just 7 minutes away) after the World Trade Center buildings were attacked.

Here is a video from the class:

President Bush received a lot of criticism for not leaving the premises immediately. Another gloomy but symbolic moment is what words the teacher suggested to the children to speak in class. The five words from the book that they pronounced aloud were: kite - kite, airplane, soar in the air; hit - hit, collision; plane - plane; steel - steel; must - must. Sometimes it seemed that the children were chanting "A soaring plane must collide with steel." And then the plane really collided with steel ...

“I, Pet Goat” begins with showing us a goat trapped inside a box in the concentration camp. Someone is hypnotizing the goat. On his forehead you can see a barcode with the numbers "666" written under it. On the box in which the goat is located is a drawing of a man leading a barking dog on a leash.


Although the name of the cartoon is "I, the home goat", it would be logical to assume that the author meant another phrase - "I am the home goat" (in the original “I, Pet Goat” and “I am a Pet Goat”). The number 2 (II) at the end of the name reads as two and is consonant with the word too, meaning "too." Thus, the name can be translated as "I am also a domestic goat." Whether the author means the viewer or himself, is not clear here. Perhaps he wants to say that he, like the viewer, is also manageable, and gives information in the cartoon as directed from above.

A hypnotized goat with a leash, imprisoned and marked with the mark of the Beast, a bell is hung on it (an object tracking tool). Someone believes that the barcode is the electronic embodiment of the mark of the Beast, because in each of the barcodes three sixes are encrypted. Probably, the authors connect the goat with the projection of the mental health of all mankind, humanity surrendered to the vice of money-grubbing and subject to dark forces. Moreover, mankind is imprisoned, a dungeon for reason and soul, this is confirmed by barbed wire, beyond which the goat cannot go.

A guard with a dog is depicted on a booth under a goat, this may mean that the slavery of mankind is carefully guarded by security forces. The spotlight that illuminates the goat (who woke him) symbolizes the all-seeing eye, the Masonic eye, total control, you are always under supervision.

If you try to consider this frame in a biblical context, the goat can symbolize those whom Jesus rejected from himself, “separated the goats from the lamb”, which means that the entire clip should take place during the reign of the biblical antichrist or a little earlier, before it arrives.

Further on the video we see a pair of hands holding a puppet control. Puppet owner. They look like the hands of a reptile, blood flows through them and on one is wearing a ring in the form of a $ dollar symbol. It is assumed that all these puppeteers care only about their money and not be afraid to get their hands dirty with blood. Money is like greed, blood is like fear. These two factors are enough to control people like a herd of sheep (visually our goat).


These hands most likely belong to the character "Draco", which we can see later in the cartoon. As soon as they begin to rule, we see that the puppet in these hands is none other than President Bush. Probably, it was George W. Bush who was chosen by the dark elite as the first of the main characters to advance and establish complete slave control of people on the planet. Bush has a white cap on his head with the letter D, which means Dummy (noun: dummy, doll, layout, adj .: fictitious, dummy) or Dumb (dumb).


Our clown is dancing on a black and white floor, resembling a chessboard (a famous Masonic symbol), and the light falls precisely in the form of a five-pointed star (again a symbol of the Masons). Take a closer look, where is one of the rays pointing? Under the board is an image of a human brain dissected by lightning. On the right side, there is, invading the area of ​​the human brain (between the hemispheres there is a part of the brain called reptilian), the dragon-reptile.


F = -F This is Newton’s third law, which states: "the forces that arise when two bodies interact are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction." Or in a free interpretation: for every action there is a worthy opposition. This works both in physics and in real life. If there is kindness - there is evil, and vice versa, evil exists, then there is kindness.

The brain, divided in half, inspires thoughts about the history of the fall of Adam and Eve when they knew good and evil, that is, fell into duality. A dividing mind was born in their consciousness, eliminating the contact of worldly consciousness with the spiritual, of the analytical hemisphere with the intuitive. Since then, people are not friends with the head, do not see the main thing, and they are easy to manipulate, which is what the dragon on the right does.

The letters O and Z in the alphabet to the right of the board are tilted and associated with the wizard from OZ, saying that all you see is a hoax.


Bush’s hands hang limply, and then he violently pushes himself off and starts dancing “for our entertainment”. Very quickly, almost imperceptibly for the eyes on Bush, he shows with his hands the sacred gesture of the Illuminati - the All-Seeing Eye.

image006 image007

Despite the fact that the pyramid is mainly considered a shrine, this gesture is obviously not holy.

After the dance is over, he sits in a chair and begins to shame the viewer (a girl with an apple). The scene is a reflection of the situation with Bush when he was sitting in class reading the collection My Goat. The classroom is shown, the president is sitting in a similar position on the chair, and the teacher is a bit like the one from the video (full, black woman).

On the wall behind the president are several characters that can be seen while he stupidly mumbles his speech.


The scheme of human evolution, which ends with the highest link - a man with a golden halo behind his head in the form of a crown, is a clear hint of enlightenment.

A clock that shows noon or midnight. This may be the starting point of a new era, as if the clock is in the starting position.

Map of the USA, indicates the acts of sacrifice (terrorist attacks) carried out in the past by the dark elite. Oklahoma - demolition of a building, New York - demolition of three buildings, New Orleans - flood (disputed version), Gulf of Mexico - demolition of an oil well.

Magen David, a star on a paper snowflake. Hints that Jews (Levites) are behind all this.

The painting on the wall, which depicts an owl, is the most important symbol of the dark elites that gather every year in the Bohemian Grove.

A male penis is drawn on the blackboard with chalk at the time of ejaculation. Together with the burning house and the shark, this can be interpreted as the fact that the 9/11 event was an act of sacrifice with the release of a colossal amount of energy on which the “sharks from the wall street” earned money.

Hanged man. The word that is written next to "evoL_T__N" - most likely, means "evolution" (evolution). Perhaps indicates the evolution of consciousness from the upper scheme. L is highlighted, and if you read backwards, you get the word Love. Humanity has one last attempt to guess 3 more letters, we are at a crossroads: either evolution or death. Also, in the reverse order, we can read this word as NotToLove - we are for evolution, but we do not love you. The gallows is painted as if it were an unfinished beech R. Having finished the erased leg of the gallows, we get the letter R and the word Revolution. That is, people have only one way left - a revolution of consciousness through love on the path to enlightenment (remember the picture above the board).

A heart. At the beginning of the track, we could hear a heartbeat. The author says that "this is a story about a fire in a suffering heart." We must use our hearts to release the blazing fire within us.


Then we see President Bush “The Dunce” (the name given by the authors, obviously, is his nickname, boob or something), which demonstrates another sacred gesture from the Illuminati - “goat”. A certain ritual takes place, Bush turns his head, implying elections, that is, rotation (rotation) of power, and Bush transforms into President Obama, charming and intellectual, with the attribute of knowledge on his head and in white gloves, which are an attribute of a high-ranking Mason. But, like the entire elite, it is also controlled from the outside. Humanity is prepared, the first stage is over, now we need a wise and charismatic politician. They brought Obama unknown to anyone on stage.

It gives the people the illusion that they are better, smarter, and closer to the people than President Bush. However, he sits in the same chair as the person in front of him, with the same puppeteer controlling him. The prompter tells him to have fun, and he starts to laugh (lol means laugh out loud out loud).


Next we see the image of the girl who Heliofant calls Lily. She looks like Alice from Wonderland and holds an apple, apparently the one that Eve gave Adam. Heliofant says something about her: "And suddenly Lily came to the sudden conclusion: This is not my apple, it belongs to someone else." It is for her that Bush and Obama make a show.


It symbolizes virgin purity, a golden circle protects it. 12 statues behind it form a contour resembling a map of Russia. You might think that 12 statues, 10 of which are behind barbed wire, are Russia and its 11 post-Soviet satellites. But taking a closer look, you can see that the leftmost statue has the inscription yin-yang, which alludes to China (later we will meet this symbol again). In this case, the girl can also symbolize Russia (the girl has a pronounced Slavic appearance), which has knowledge (the forbidden fruit), but is unable to use it, and the remaining statues are the remaining countries from the G13 team, or 12 countries with which Russia has land the border.

It is possible that it allows the apple to roll away from itself, which means that it shares this knowledge, and does not keep it in itself. The apple rolls across the floor at the feet of President Obama and somehow splits in half near his shoe. Of the two halves of apples, of two opposites, the Flower of Life sprouts and opens its bud. This makes the president sweat because he knows that truth makes people free and that’s exactly what they are trying to hide from us.

Look into the far corner of the room. EXIT sign and white rabbit. The girl has a way out, and she makes a choice by letting go of the apple. The coin is depicted with symbols similar to the heraldic symbols of the English royal family. The acronym LC (Lewis Carroll) reminds us of how deep the Illuminati Hole is. If you google LC England, then you go to a city in Windsor England. Windsor is the oldest residence of the English kings. David Ike writes a lot about the bloodlines of the British Royal Court; whoever has not read it, I advise you to read it.


Germination of seeds, but this plant does not look like the shoots of an apple tree. The transformation of the fruits of the apple of knowledge into a lotus flower. Lotus is an image of the source of the world, productive power, the unfolding of being, it acts as a symbol of rebirth. Since ancient times, this flower was revered by the sacred Aryans, Hindus, Egyptians, and after them by Buddhists. It was revered in China and Japan and was adopted as a Christian emblem by the Greek and Roman churches, which, replacing it with a lily, made the symbol of the Messenger. Rebirth of the primary knowledge of good and evil into the knowledge of its source? Maybe yes, since the lotus will accompany us throughout the video.

Also under Obama's shoe is a coin, showing that his puppeteers (Windsor) control the global financial system.


Obama at the sight of the lotus is very afraid, and dirty sweat flows down his face, in the course of the play his inglorious fate awaits ...


Outside the school, we can see graffiti on the wall of Psalm 23.


Psalm 23:

He whose hands are innocent and his heart is pure, who did not swear by his soul in vain and did not swear falsely [to his neighbor], will receive a blessing from the Lord and mercy from God, his Savior.

A wonderful positive message.

The islet of the United States is fenced with barbed wire, which means that the American people are enslaved and are under complete total control. In the background is London's Big Ben, the United States is linked to England (one entity), the United States is ruled by England.


The fall of two buildings, very similar to the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Symbolically, with the fall of these buildings, the dark elite began their plan for the total enslavement of the inhabitants of the Earth. Now it is appropriate to recall Psalm 23, this is the Psalm intended for us, weak-willed slaves.

A torn American flag flies away. This can be interpreted as the collapse of the states into the north and south, the separation of one state (Texas), or the destruction of one state (California as a result of an earthquake in the San Andreas Fault).


This is followed by the suicide of a certain person with a sad face. He jumps from a cliff into the ocean and apparently dies, although at the end of the film he is shown alive.


Then we see Osama bin Laden, who conducts the orchestra under the blood-red moon. Osama is a character grown in the bowels of the CIA. Emblem on the chest CIA, noticed? Perhaps even never existed, but regularly served as a scarecrow. The scarecrow did its job, the scarecrow is free. This is one of the elements of total enslavement, a tool for generating fear.

Revelation 6:12 says: "And when He removed the sixth seal, I looked, and, behold, a great earthquake occurred, and the sun became gloomy like a hair shirt, and the moon became like blood." The red color of the moon may indicate that the Last Judgment has begun. We also see Mother Nature, who cries, despite the fact that they do with the earth and the earth for the sake of oil production. An earth that gives us cleaner and safer energy than what we use now. I think that most will agree with the statement that our life is still connected with oil only because fabulous money is spinning there.

Behind Bin Laden are fighters in the form of Masonic pyramids with an eye, all terrorism was created by Freemasons to intimidate and destroy peoples and create reasons for war.


Then the Star of David lights up - the hint is obvious.

We proceed to the most interesting and symbolic part of the clip. Who is humanity...

image022 image023

Humanity was enslaved by the reptilian consciousness (you read about it in the ancient testament), we lost touch with our higher self and became food on the energy plane. We just fell asleep spiritually.

There is a version that reptilian hands at the beginning of the film and this terrible mug (a character named Draco) is the leader of the world government Rockefeller, he even has similarities with the cartoon characters, see for yourself. And this Rockefeller controls everything that happens on Earth now, all wars, crises.And he is in the brains of all mankind and dictates to everyone his world order.

image024 image025

In their film-allegory Matrix, the Wachowski brothers hinted at this opaque to us, but instead of reptilian entities, they offered us soulless machines with artificial intelligence. Like most of us, this poor child will never get a chance. Even before his birth, the evil Draco twisted his rings around him. He comes into the world as part of a system, whether you want it or not. As you can see, Draco is projected using a television screen, it is assumed that everything is under the control of the media (all-seeing eye). And if someone could just go there and disconnect it or turn off the screen, then he would immediately lose power or energy (in the original power). His hair on his head and face is created from the image of an American dollar bill, and the sign on his chin is an inverted pyramid. He wears a crown of moneyhe has gold teeth and earrings, in general he is the embodiment of an obsession with money.

image026 image027

The character Louis lies helplessly in the cold among the needles from syringes and pills, and Draco controls the boy’s mind that has degraded from drugs and drugs through the media. Louis cannot even move, as his brain is occupied by the market and other social "requirements." Creeping line in the eyes with the inscription MARKETS and stock indices. Managing the economies of countries through exchange fraud. Managing the world's population through fear of economic failure. Fear of being left without a livelihood, fear of losing a job, fear of not paying a loan or a mortgage ... You have not noticed that your whole life is accompanied by fears. Not? Well then you are truly free.

PLUNGE: Falls and collapses in markets and exchanges that lead to the impoverishment of the majority and the enrichment of the minority. Greed is good, the main motto of financial tycoons. Greed and gluttony, this is the vice that inevitably leads to war. Greed and gluttony put us on the threshold of World War III. The inscription WAR in the eyes as a result of greed.

In the eyes, the running line reads as “Markets plunge - war coverage”, that is, “Market collapse - a cover for war”, or “Market collapse - cover the cost of a war”.

In this part, we begin the study of the video, where action goes to World War II. Stelth-style bombers that also resemble masonic compass with a square.


The war will begin with Islamic countries. In order to make the war legitimate, the puppeteers will have to resort to their old tactics - a terrorist attack with a large number of victims. This will allow the parasites to untie their hands and push all the nations of the world against their foreheads. Deal nuclear attacks on Iran and Syria, destroy one of the most revered shrines of Muslims - the Omar mosque in Jerusalem (pictured on the right). Three bombers fly by quickly, they attack and destroy the church standing on the hill. Bombs are dropped on her, and the church crumbles, and black birds fly away from her. Perhaps this means that religion will be destroyed as a result of the war, or that the war began because of religion. In any case, they are interconnected. The Qur'an says that at the second coming, the prophet Isa (Jesus) will destroy non-Muslim temples and break crosses.The same thing happens in this cartoon. The Islamic mosque was destroyed by the Freemasons, everything else was destroyed by Isa.

image029 image030

The next frame shows the bas-relief of the Egyptian deity Anubis, located on the bow of the boat. In the boat itself there is a man standing with his eyes closed, very similar to the canonical Jesus Christ with a burning heart in the center of his chest. His heart burns with a fiery halo, and his body is as if made of gold. However, he wears a barbed wire crown (crown of thorns). His eyes are closed and his body is in constant motion. This may mean that he is in a deep trance and is meditating.

image031 image032

Help from the Wiki: Anubis is a deity of Ancient Egypt with the head of a jackal and the body of a person, the guide of the dead in the afterlife. Following this description, it is possible to assume that Jesus follows from the kingdom of the dead and is accompanied by Anubis. Closed eyes - an allegory that the supreme deity is completely indifferent to the abominations created on Earth. Until the time is indifferent.


One of the birds - witnesses of the destruction of the mosque turns into a butterfly and sits on the finger of Jesus, being a messenger of what is happening on earth, burning, passes information to the indifferent Jesus.


Next, we see the character Aali, who represents Islam. Undoubtedly, one can judge the Muslim woman mourning her son, allegorically representing Islam. The bloody halo of holiness speaks of enormous sacrifices. But here we will make a stop, since this symbol can be transferred to all of humanity. The holy feminine principle mourns her child, all of humanity, as Mary mourned Christ. She is crying for a baby. A bottle is in her left hand, and in the background, like a gin, a nuclear mushroom is clearly visible. Perhaps this means that Islamic countries were destroyed in a nuclear war.


The sacred scarab beetle. In Egyptian mythology, it is a symbol of the movement of the sun and personifies rebirth.

Why is the boy without an eye? There is an extreme custom among Indian Sufis: One of the public methods of self-flagellation, which is characteristic of Southeast and South Asia, is such an exotic thing as picking out eyeballs with the help of sharp objects. A hint of a resurgence of Islam in a completely different way? We will return to the Sufi branch in Islam later.


Next, we see a little African girl armed with an AK-47, and she looks at us with her red eyes, like the eyes of a robot. The person sitting next to her takes off the purple ribbon, symbolizing that he wants to have sex with her. I think that red eyes mean that African children are only programmed for war, sex and drugs and nothing more. The heart in the soldier’s hair is the use of childish love for the mercenary purposes of war.


The sinking character is Juan Pepito, who holds a sickle and a hammer. Latin America, the fall of the regimes personifying the communist ideology: Chavez, Castro, Morales. A lotus flower flows down to him.


Next we see Sun-Sue (I would translate as Sun Xiu - a pun from Sun Tzu “The Art of War”). As Heliofant says: “She is against those who are heroically trying to enslave her.” On her face is a tattoo in the form of a heart and a sign indicating a protest against nuclear energy. She repeats the act of the Unknown rebel while waving a white flag. She turns and sees the character that Heliofant calls Skullduggery. “The skeleton seeks to deceive her, and in the end she begins to feel guilty of her actions. "The skeleton does not need you to love him, he just wants to turn you into someone else or, for example, into yourself ... This happens too often."

image040 image041

The yin-yang sign, the image of a tiger on clothes indicates China opposing nuclear war, a white flag indicates peaceful intentions, non-resistance to evil by violence. You can also see several spots on her face resembling Japan.


Hatred, fear, despair in her eyes ... This girl believed in what she was doing, but the god of illusion came up and dispelled her illusion, and she realized that she was just a doll in the hands of one of the parties. She is asked to step back and not intervene, and she humbles herself. On the tanks, the Masonic eye, which means that the war is planned and carried out by the Masons, the world government.


The boom of happy dreams. The skeleton-death resembles the character of the carnival-holiday of the day of the dead Día de los Muertos, hence the cloak and fireworks - death rules and conducts the ball, a hint of huge human sacrifices.


Let's get back to our little man, the allegorical consciousness of humanity. The time comes and the backstage parasites begin to lose their influence. The human consciousness resists, it is hard for him, but he no longer wants to be a manipulated sheep.


A new frame, a boat with the Savior appears from a star cluster (Pleiades?).

image046 image047

The Spirit of the Savior, the liberation of all things.

image048 image049

Rook swims in two ovals resembling a slice projection of the human brain. The symbol of the egg wrapped around the snake is called the Orphic egg, which the ancient Greeks had a symbol of rebirth. The significance of this, most likely, is the beginning of a complete change in the consciousness of mankind, the awakening of the consciousness of Christ in people. The action at the beginning of the video takes place on a winter night, but it ends (end of the Night of Svarog or Kali Yuga). The complete destruction of the old consciousness begins. Symbols of destruction - falling blocks, similar to ice. Consciousness is ice, completely frozen consciousness. Old consciousness, consciousness without movement, dead consciousness.

Jesus continues on his way through the building. Mentally, he travels through different realities. Heliofant continues to claim that all people can do this, only need to "let in the Divine consciousness" (awareness of the Divine). As he moves through the building, everything that rejects him is crumbling.


While Jesus is floating, the Keeper of the Flame (as the author of the video calls him), a blue man, very similar to Shiva, continues to dance, not paying attention to the cataclysms around. His dance is free from duality, he kept this flame for many years.


Change of frame again. The boat is filled with fish, symbolizing the saved or chosen human souls (fish - a symbol of early Christianity before the cross). Moreover, the fish jumps itself, which symbolizes the free choice and choice of their path without external pressure.


A finger pointing to a tower that resembles a male phallus.

image053 image054

Next we see "Madame Q". Next to the tower window, a red neon heart burns, similar to those that can be seen on the Red Light District. Heliofant say: “Madame Q's only interest is sex. Forgive or punish? We do not know. But this is certainly a shame. " This tower symbolizes Christianity and all Christian dogmas combined. Look at the structure and the little heart on it. A huge monolith of Christianity, suppressing the desires of people by dogmas, having such a small and dull heart. Love is only a sign. The heart is a symbol of love, it was Christianity that should have served it, but it has lost its significance for Christianity itself.

image055 image056

The old hag symbolizes the spirit of Christianity, fenced off from the whole world by its dogmas, not admitting even its Savior to itself. The walls are covered with dashes, a symbol of expectation by the Christian church of the coming of Jesus. The Savior came and found his church mired in pharisaism and debauchery. A naked creature shaking with old tits is a symbol of what Christianity has turned into.

image057 image058

A very strong symbol. Ritual blood or a symbol of the Immaculate Conception, mercantilely used for black purposes by Christian hierarchs. The covenant is selected, the spirit of Christianity cannot bear the light of the Savior, which has been preached for the last 2 thousand years. Jesus is floating in the boat through the tunnel, you can see the interweaving of two lines from the bottom up, connecting in a circle-stained-glass window. A hint of either a harmonious connection of the ida and pingala channels in the third eye (ajna), which leads to enlightenment, or to a change in DNA.


New frame change. The little man in the mask of the Indian goddess Kali, personifying the destruction of everything old, continues his ritual dance.


Events on earth. The spirit of merchandising and materialism is built in even lines from corporate mountain managers. Terracotta warriors, Wall Street sharks serving the deceased emperor (guess who).

We come back to Jesus. His love falls on the slender ranks of people, as if a spark illuminates a dark room. His fiery passion knocks down all who follow social norms. They built high walls inside themselves to be like everyone else, but these walls have no chance against him.


The spirit of trading, along with its banks, exchanges, options and derivatives, is dispelled in the wind.


Consciousness begins to prevail over the parasitic larva from the outside. After some introspection, Louis was finally able to come to a decision within himself and throw off the bonds of Draco. Draco quickly crawls away, looking for someone else to control. With a clear mind and a bright head, Louis leaves.


Human consciousness is free. The symbol of an empty skull.


A whirling Sufi dervish, a one-eyed boy performing ritual Sufi whirling practiced by dervishes from the Mevlevi order. The skeleton continues to play the symphony of corruption (The Symphony of Corruption), which he does pretty well, a wounded Aali, the embodiment of Islam, hangs right above him. Heliofant say about Aali: "The stormy heart of Islam awakens faith in one true God, he is free and does not require control." Perhaps after the death of his religion, he is free from borders. Nothing limits him, not even the religion that he considered so useful. There is nothing that can stop him on the path to personal freedom. The resurrection of a Muslim boy as a whirling dervish signals that there is a connection between him and the inner Christ, he gained contact with the divine through spiritual initiation. Other religions are also represented in the cartoon, Hinduism through the dancing Shiva / Kali, Taoism through the yin / yang signs.


Why is it spinning on the site of an Islamic mosque? The mosque stands in Jerusalem, at the intersection of all Abrahamic religions. This place is holy for all these three monotheistic religions, which symbolizes a new community of consciousness for the whole world. The whirling Sufi dervish is in a state of altered consciousness.


The keeper of the flame with the sign of Orion on his chest continues to dance to this day. All the elements of nature are shown in the sequence in which they participate in spiritual evolution.


Change mask again. Quetzalcoatl with spread wings, the stars are located in exact accordance with the starry sky of the constellation Orion.


The flame keeper joyfully welcomes the morning approach without a mask, perhaps this says that all masks will be reset, the dance of illusion, Maya, will be stopped.


Behind the destruction of the tower, symbolizing Christianity, which has discredited itself. Moreover, it was destroyed by the spirit of the Savior. In the sequel, we see Jesus finally leaving the church from the main exit guarded by gargoyles, dark demons. As soon as he leaves the building, his eyes finally open. He opens his mouth, gasps for air, and leaves the trance. And this is the end of the old world. The fire of his heart burns in his eyes. When he opens his eyes, the church in the background begins to crumble. As soon as the church collapses, the wreath on his head dissolves in the air. Religion and psychological barriers disappear with him, there is no more speculation around the crucified Christ. There are no more barriers to restrain him, the end of a dark era.


The all-seeing eye of the world elite is the control and supervision of every person and every aspect of society. Being placed on the character of Christ, it means opening the third eye (pineal gland), unlimited communication with God, a look at other dimensions. In other words, a clear spiritual vision. The triangle on the forehead represents the Divine - in many churches the Divine Source is so symbolically represented. In contrast to the pyramid - a centralized control system, where each higher layer, through deception, manipulates the lower levels, giving a minimal share of its unprecedented strength.

A gaze fixed on a new world, the All-Seeing eye is not at the very top of the pyramid, but is at its base, which means that sacred knowledge no longer belongs to the elite, but to everyone living on this Earth. A new open consciousness, the golden age of humanity.


The last pyramids, the elimination of egregors enslaving the individual. The final scene shows Jesus floating towards the powerful and blissful radiance of the sun. So powerful that even the pyramids collapse, but it is so beautiful. It represents the essence of the spirit, powerful, albeit immeasurable. Nothing can stop him. There is no power. No cheating. There is no war. No politics. There is no religion. This is the only thing that enslavers cannot control, and this is the thing that will put an end to them. It is possible that there is a hint that the task of each person is to manifest Christ consciousness through himself, and this time he will not come through an individual person.


The video itself is an occult mystery, the task of which is to lay rails in the space of the future for the implementation of a specific scenario, serving as a warning about future events for those who are ready to hear. For an event to be realized, one needs to dream about it, to believe in the possibility of its implementation. This role in society is played by the prophets (if from God), or the priests, if from the Illuminati. In order for the coming of the Savior to come true, the prophet John the Baptist preached the imminent coming of the Messiah and literally instructed: “prepare the way for the Lord, make the paths straight to Him.” Belief in the expected event forms a mold in the future space, in which the expected event is cast. This is the realization of the prophecies.

And he who sat on the throne said: Behold, I make all things new. But there is one BUT. If this is not a savior, but the one who should come before him?

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