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"Contemporary philosophy is dialectical in its method: new arguments necessarily make reference back to earlier positions which provide the background for understanding the commitments which the arguments seek to challenge. The relation of present arguments to past debate provides by itself good enough reasons for regarding the continuation of such debates as the only way of improving our understanding." — Thomas Baldwin

Concieved of in early 2012 by Deniz Cem Önduygu, The History Of Philosophy is an easy to use, cross-linked database with an interactive web front end which lists short one line summaries of a philosophers arguments and allows you to browse them at your own pace. This site is best viewed in Chrome, desktop, with a mouse for dragging and wheel-zooming.

If an argument agrees with or expands on an old one, they’re connected with a green line. If it disagrees with or refutes an old argument, they’re connected with a red line. Some of these connections are explicitly described by the philosophers or the historians, some of them are drawn by the author of this site. The lines here do not always depict a direct transfer between two people; they trace the development of an idea throughout time within our collective conception.

These sentences are dry summaries of long, intricate argumentations and some of them are not even comprehensible if you’re not already familiar with the subject/philosopher. Some of these ideas are best understood within the historical/political context, as they are presented in books of history of philosophy.

Check out the history of philosophy interactive website by clicking this link!

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