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the map of alternative influence networks

"There are only two people who can tell you the truth about yourself - an enemy who has lost his temper and a friend who loves you dearly."

Antisthenes, Greek philosopher of Athens, disciple of Socrates (445-365 BC)

this is an alt-left research report that's meant to identify "Alternative Influence Networks (AIN)" (aka. people classified with the catch-all real bad dude™ phrase, also called the alt-right) on youtube.com. further, the paper is titled, "Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube" and it presents (extreme and heavily ideologically biased) data from approximately 65 political influencers across 81 channels to identify the so called AIN. i haven't the faintest idea of why some and not other's have made this list but regardless all of them have an interesting point of view to contribute.

i often watch (and enjoy) stefan molyenux and jordan peterson videos on youtube but i was not aware of many of these other personalities listed in the report. as a bit of a heterodox thinker, the way i find my way to information that i sometimes come to understand as "truth" on the internet is to follow the trail of people who the Mainstream Media (MSM) tell you NOT to listen to. as such, when i discovered this report from a recent stefan molyenux video i immediately recognized it as an invaluable resource towards that end: discovering truth. i would encourage you to check out some of these youtubers and as always: think for yourself.

note: you can click on the image below and then in the new page click on any name to go directly to their youtube channel. credit for this wonderful infographic (source: article and pdf) goes to Rebecca Lewis of datasociety.net.

additionally, here is the video that led me to this article. stefan molyenux brilliantly refutes and rebukes the shady attempts at classifiying these individuals as some kind of dangerous group colluding to take down the MSM and powers that be. they may actually be doing just that, but not at all by the methods nor for the reasons stated in the report. enjoy!

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nick giotis

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