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The idea behind Land of Meaning

Apart from being a literal take of the title “Maps of Meaning”, from Jordan B. Peterson’s first book, the idea for this illustration came from watching JBP react to questions during live events. He would sometimes say things like: “it would take too long to get into that” or “let me see how I can get there from here.” Instead of giving isolated answers, he tried to tie the subject of the question with the theme of the talk, in real time.

When being asked trap questions during interviews, in the time it would take me understand the question, JBP seemed to be able to see where it was going and how to counter it. It felt like I was stumbling blind in the world of ideas, just knowing what my hands could touch, while he had his eyes open.

Please be aware of the oversimplification risk in this experiment. Don’t take this low resolution representation and think that it is all you need to know about these myths, ideologies and psychological states. The stories mentioned here contain much more than what this site pretends to transmit, and can be interpreted in other valid ways different to the ones I chose. But remember that the number of interpretations that are valid (i.e.: will keep you alive if you follow them) is limited.

"Land of Meaning: A Visual Guide" was created by Fernando Bresciano. you can also get this as a badass poster: here!

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