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jordan peterson & sam harris debates in vancouver

for those of you not on his patreon, here are the two currently Unlisted full youtube videos of the debates that took place at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada on June 24th 2018.

Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson - Vancouver - 1 & mirror (google drive)

Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson - Vancouver - 2 & mirror (google drive)

note: if the audio is a bit too low on the second night's lecture on you youtube then try the google drive mirror link.

UPDATE: I noticed JBP recently released two more nights of debates on his own channel. Debate #3 is my personal favorite!

Debate #3 - Dublin

Debate #4 - London

i would also like to introduce a cool search tool i found on /r/jordanpeterson. i'm not sure what it's called (it's url is daemon.life right now) but it's a webapp that uses the auto/user transcribed closed captions from jordan peterson's hundreds of hour+ long youtube videos to allow you to search for any phrase or utterance.

it really helps when you are trying to recall a concept that was breifly touched upon in a fragment of a tangental supporting argument for some broader idea in some particular video you watched weeks ago but have mostly forgotten. it also helps if you like to check a quote or if he said something the mainstream media claimed he said (spoilers: he didn't)

links & additional resources:

jordan peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, free speech advocate, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and a prominent defender of christianity, the judeo-christian ethic and western civilization as a whole.

sam harris is an American author, philosopher, neuroscientist, critic of religions, a blogger, public intellectual, and a podcast host.

bret weinstein (moderator) is an American biologist and evolutionary theorist. it's also prudent to mention his brother eric weinstein an American economist, writer, and creator of the "intellectual dark web" brand.

you can find jordan & sam's books over in my small personal library of ebooks that i host here for free. also here's the first video that i encountered bret weinstein in. it was on the joe rogan experience podcast in which he talked about his exile as a professor for being "white" while teaching at evergreen college. turns out the people who attend that college are greener than we could even imagine.

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