child of light

i sincerely believe that narrative storytelling using technology like video games is art in it's most modern incarnation. as there are games that are "retro" to us now, our games now will be "retro" or "niche" in a few years as well. there is a quality to quantity all its own and it seems (or atleast allows) to let the best games bubble to the top of it's value hierarchy and reveal itself for all to encounter and hopefully enjoy. in that spirit i present to you the archetypical story of a aurora, the child of light (steam) and now, our feature presentation..

you can also check out the child of light OST with great tracks like my favorite: Cœur de Pirate - Boss Battle Theme 2.

nick giotis

nick giotis

linux sysadmin/devops w/occasional moonlighting into netsec & full stack development 💯✝️🇺🇸🇬🇷🇮🇪🏴

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