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zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance: an inquiry into values

in the summer of 1968, Robert Pirsig and his son climbed on his 1964 honda superhawk and set off on a 17-day journey from his home in spring green, wisconsin, to the "zen zenter" on 300 Page St, San Francisco, California. his story of that trip took four years to write and was rejected by 121 publishers before the William Morrow Company finally agreed to publish it. since that time it has sold over four million copies worldwide.

more than just a tale of a journey, a travel guide, or a technical manual of motorcycle maintenance, this book contains deep philosophical discussions about what it is to be an individual, personality, society and their relationships to one another. it is the story of one man's profound transformation, quite literally, from the man he was born as to the man society told him to be. i would go into more detail but i'm still only about halfway through the book. instead, here is the youtube video that turned me on to reading it:

if you'd like to buy this book to support the author click here (amazon) if you'd just like a pdf of the book, no questions asked, click there: zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.pdf. if you'd to hear a logical paradox, please read the following: this sentence is false.

nick giotis

nick giotis

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