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a word on insecurity & confidence.

check out another great story/lesson by louis rossmann a talented self-taught repair technician based in manhattan who surprisingly gives (unrelated to anything technical) very inspiring and insightful talks/rants on all kinds of topics that i often find myself relating to pretty heavily. he also livestreams on his youtube channel prolifically if your into that type of thing.

tl;dr: find ways to provide value to others. when you provide value to others, they are going to want to do the same for you. the way you live securely is that you provide so much value to so many people that if something bad happens people jump to your rescue and want to make sure you can keep doing what your doing. that's what feeling secure is and leads to true confidence. a tribal sense of your place within a community that you provide value to. as long as you think the pot at the end of the rainbow is "stuff" or "you + something else" you are never going to feel secure because your security isn't going to be rooted in the value you intrinsically provide as a person.

BONUS VIDEO: if you haven't already, go watch: Primitive Technology's youtube channel. this guy is incredible, he builds things out in the Australian outback using truely nothing but what he finds around him (no joke), he never says a word in any of his videos and you'll feel better than a $500 therapy session after watching one. check it out! go now!

nick giotis

nick giotis

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