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the true struggle of creation

i really enjoyed this video by exurb1a who recounts his personal yet broadly relateable journey into the self that occurs when you are trying to create something from nothing using only your wits and willpower. I believe exurb1a is specifically talking about trying to get his book, "The Prince of Milk" written and published.. which he did end up doing successfully, so, yeah, woohoo! uh, go #teamExurb1a! anyway, i went ahead and bought a copy after watching this video and have been waiting for the opportunity to read it, though i still have David Wong's (of Cracked.com fame) new John Dies At the End 3 book called, "What the Hell Did I Just Read" to finish, which has been great so far. Back on topic though, if exub1a's videos are any indication his book will be as smart as it is amazing!

nick giotis

nick giotis

linux sysadmin/devops w/occasional moonlighting into netsec & full stack development 💯✝️🇺🇸🇬🇷🇮🇪🏴

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