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today i received probably the coolest gift i have ever gotten, a hackrf one from a former coworker and good friend as a belated xmas gift. story time: earlier in the year after they expressed an interest in software defined radio (sdr), i gave them my cheapo $20 rtl-sdr dongle that was originally intended to receive wireless hd-tv (think old school tv bunny antenna) but through access to a debug mode unintentionally left in the chipset by the manufacturers of the device, could be used to listen to all sorts of other radio signals.

after much fussing about i booted up an ubuntu thumb drive and basically showed them everything i know about sdr and gnuradio (it wasn't much). after going through the entire available frequency range of the cheapo receiver we ended up tuning in to a college radio station that is just outside the normal range of our car radios (unless we drive some distance) and enjoyed some form of metalcore they were playing while throwing up the \mm/'s like we were in high school again. good times were had and i think they still use that cheapo dongle to this day.

fast forward about a year, i now have this magnificent pinnacle of modern foss sdr technology at my fingertips but i'm hesitant to even open the box before properly educating myself on it's use and operation. i'm not sure how much they fetched this for but as it goes this thing is nearly $300 usd and is usually sold out at most places as it's kind of a niche product. saying this is a great gift is a understatement, i feel like i got bill gates as my secret santa right now!

with great gifts come great responsibility, and so, to that end, here is the comprehensive introduction videos that i'll need to watch (11 ~30min videos or 330min in total) from greatscottgadgets.com the home of the hackrf, and i'm going to need to watch them quite a few times i imagine as the material isn't super easy to cram into my head in one sitting. so put on a kettle, pour yourself a cup of the strongest coffee you got and sit back, this is the beginning of my surprise foray into the world of software defined radio.

lesson #1 - welcome

lesson #2 - digital signal processing (dsp)

lesson #3 - what is a decibel (dB) ?

lesson #4 - mysteries

lesson #5 - hackRF one

lesson #6 - complex numbers

lesson #7 - complex numbers in DSP

lesson #8 - on/off keyring

lesson #9 - aliasing

lesson #10 - filters

lesson #11 - replay

all credit goes to @michaelossmann of greatscottgadgets.com, created of this tutorial and of the device it was created for, the hackrf one.

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