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a virtual walk through the white house

familiar with google maps? how about street view? well, i might be late to the party on this one but while looking at something on google maps i decided to pop over to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC and see what my dude joe biden was up to (i heard he's having a tough time with the whole trump thing). so i typed in the address and started dragging the google street view icon over to the road when i noticed that a spot inside the white house itself lit up..so i dropped the little yellow dude there instead and saw this,

i think it's only the part that the tour group regularly trod through but still, hot damn is that's cool! be sure to press the **[1]** and **[2]** buttons on the lower right to switch floors. it's too bad i couldn't get to the oval office, i wanted to add "i once photoshopped myself sitting at the president's desk in the oval office" to my resume.
nick giotis

nick giotis

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