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the ten commandments for _________.

exported from my fbook notes:

  1. Resilience. Keeping going even when things are looking dark.
  1. Empathy. The capacity to connect imaginatively with the sufferings and unique experiences of another person.
  2. Patience. We should grow calmer and more forgiving by getting more realistic about how things actually tend to go.
  3. Sacrifice. We won't ever manage to raise a family, love someone else or save the planet if we don't keep up with the art of sacrifice.
  4. Politeness. Politeness is very linked to tolerance, the capacity to live alongside people whom one will never agree with, but at the same time, can't avoid.
  5. Humor. Like anger, humor springs from disappointment, but it's disappointment optimally channeled.
  6. Self-Awareness. To know oneself is to try not to blame others for one's troubles and moods; to have a sense of what's going on inside oneself, and what actually belongs to the world.
  7. Forgiveness. It's recognizing that living with others isn't possible without excusing errors.
  8. Hope. Pessimism isn't necessarily deep, nor optimism shallow.
  9. Confidence. Confidence isn't arrogance, it's based on a constant awareness of how short life is and how little we ultimately lose from risking everything.


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nick giotis

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